Writer checks

Writer checks

Holcomb’s record

Editor, The Commercial:

If I had known I was going to be in your newspaper, I would have stayed home to answer Mr. Michael Lee’s questions. Instead I was out dong community services until 6:30 p.m.

Mr. Holcomb has the tendency of saying, "I stand on my record." So, I decided to take a good look at his record. Financial statements are public records and all you need to do is request a copy. His voting record is online.

Not knowing the Arkansas Codes for this type of statemen, I submitted my findings to the Ethics Commission. They could either agree or disagree with me.

If Mr. Holcomb read your newspaper, he would have realized I have been writing letters for months complaining about our government and the way people vote.

I hate to say it, but at this moment I doubt if I would vote for either party. Neither one impressed me with their statements.

Carol Key

Pine Bluff