The Camden Road Extension Homemaker's Club met recently at Whiteville Baptist Church on Whiteville Road.

The Camden Road Extension Homemaker’s Club met recently at Whiteville Baptist Church on Whiteville Road.

The meeting was called to order by Nancy Sumner, president. Sumner also read the welcome, Handy Hint, and Thought — “Stress is the trash of modern life. We all generate it, but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.”

The Homemaker’s Creed was read aloud by all members and Patsy Wallace read the Inspiration.

Roll call was read by Becky Boudra and members answered the question, How do you manage stress in your daily life? Answers included puzzles, sewing, yard work, exercise, meditation and prayer, “Do what has to be done.”

Other members present included Esta Kealer, Wanda Felts, Patsy Wallace, Judy Cox, Sue Holdford and Andrea Hartley.

The treasurer’s report was given by Kealer.

The program, “Managing Stress” was presented by Boudra. A discussion was held about the well-being of the members.

The group was instructed to try and turn challenges into blessings.

Cox gave feedback from attending the Parliamentarian Procedure workshop. She said it was educational and a terrific turnout.

Project money was collected from members and members discussed how the club could decorate for Spring Council, which is scheduled for May 1.

Members were asked to provide the number of years they have been a member of EHC for the next meeting and to have a location to discuss for the next Birthday Bash, which will be held in April.

The meeting was adjourned by Sumner.