Bobby Brooks Wilson, son of legendary R&B singer Jackie Wilson, will be performing at the Old

Bobby Brooks Wilson, son of legendary R&B singer Jackie Wilson, will be performing at the Old

Town Dinner Theatre, located at the Pine Bluff Country Club, 1100 Country Club Lane, May 4.

Bobby is carrying his fatherís legacy to a whole new generation of fans. He has

thrilled audiences on five continents by performing an energetic and high energy show every

time he steps onto the stage. Singing songs from his just released C.D., Itís About Time, along

with stylish renditions of the iconic hits popularized by his famous father and other timeless

songs, Bobby captures his audience with his lush vocals and smooth dance moves. Rarely do

audiences get to take a walk down memory lane as they do when they hear Bobbyís renditions

of Jackie Wilsonís most recognized songs. Bobby has come into his own as a highly acclaimed

performer and flawlessly blends all of this together in such way that when the show is over the

audience is shouting for encores.

ďSome where up in Ďsoul heavení the late great Jackie Wilson must be as proud as a peacock

over his long lost son, Bobby Brooks Wilson who through various reasons never knew his father.

Following in his fatherís footsteps, Bobby who sounds uncannily like his pop releases the album,

Itís About Time. Overcoming personal tragedies that read like a work of fiction, Bobby sings

some of his fatherís finest moments such as, I Got The Sweetest Feeling, Higher and Higher,

Lonely Teardrops and an amazing version of Otis Reddingís, Iíve Been Loving You Too Long.

Paul Nixon ó Compiler of Cellarfull of Motown and Motown Anthologies

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