The Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Library System will launch a "new and improved" website on Monday.

The Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Library System will launch a “new and improved” website on Monday.

The new website is designed to provide easier access to all resources of the library system. Along with the new website, the library will have a new web address. The old address of will give way to the more easily remembered But the old address will automatically be directed to the new site.

“The library has such rich content but it was not easily accessible,” Library Director Michael Sawyer said. “We began looking for an organizational structure that would accommodate lots of information without looking cumbersome or complicated. After a lot of conversations, investigations and hard work on the part of our IT department, it is done. In addition to the clean, fresh look, the new website features easier navigation to find what you need.”

Library IT manager Terrance Griffin is obviously proud of the development.

“Our library system wants everyone to feel like they’re a part of our community and that’s the feeling we wanted to convey with the new site,” he said. “The new website is also more user-friendly for laptops, smart phones and tablets.”

From the new site, users can search the library catalog, including many of the databases subscribed to by the library. The site is also designed to serve as a useful means of obtaining information on library services.

Users will be able to access the library’s collection of more than 100,000 titles that include books, DVDs, eBooks and audio books.

The page also will contain an events calendar and a kids’ section.

Also, with their library card numbers and personal identification numbers that can be registered by telephoning any library branch, users can access their library accounts.