Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Let it be known I am a proud Afro-American male. I am appalled and embarrassed by the negativity of Alderpersons George Stepps, Thelma Walker and Glenn Brown. You do not represent the thoughts or wishes of the people of the city of Pine Bluff. You, my friends, are NO PART OF THE SOLUTION ó YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

If anyone should be removed from their position itís you three. We the people listened to your mess during the past two administrations. I think I speak for a majority of the people ó WE ARE SICK AND TIRED. If you are not going to help pull the wagon ó GET OUT OF THE WAY. You have become so used to negativity it seems you think thatís the way government should run.

I applaud you, Mayor Hollingsworth; myself and others share your vision. Stay strong and focused and the people will follow. I think itís time for someone with backbone to take the reins and drive the wagon. Move over alderpersons; you are blocking the road.

This is just a message from the little people in the street.

Leland B. Lassiter

Pine Bluff