Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Iíve lived in Pine Bluff for 47 years, and I think itís going to be a good place to live again, since we have a mayor who cares about us and our problems. I never heard the other mayor, Carl Redus, go out into the streets to talk to folks about our problems. Oh, yes, he came by when he was running for mayor, and asked for our vote. Well, I didnít vote for him.

We need to stand behind Mrs. Debe to help improve our city. So many people go to Little Rock to eat out or shop. Can we get some good restaurants here? For some reason they wonít come here, but if we build our city back, maybe they will spend money here.

First, I think Debe Hollingsworth is doing a fine job. She has a lot on her shoulders, but with the help of all of us, it can be a good place to live. She has a thorn in her flesh, (the three council members), or should I say ďthe three stooges:Ē Thelma Walker, Glen Brown, and of course, George Stepps). I canít stand Stepps saying that he will work with the mayor (bull); he has no intention of helping her or he wouldnít keep hindering her work. I sense jealousy coming from these three.

Choosing Mr. Jeff Hubanks was a plus; he knows his job and does it well. How many drug busts have we heard of since he got the job? I wish he would get an apartment here so these three would shut up. We definitely donít need to lose him, but with the three council members trying to take his mind off his job, who knows? He and Debe work well together as a team.

Claudia Clark

Pine Bluff