Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

To our newly elected state Rep. Mike Holcomb, I say shame on you for assuming your constituents are so naive as to not recognize a cop out of this magnitude. In a political environment such as our present one, when standing for what is RIGHT is so detrimental, your walk-out that you call “a compromise” is a cop out.

You claim to be torn between showing your appreciation for Gov. Mike Beebe and supporting the abortion bill. So what do you do? You walk out and say you are supporting both? I say you supported neither by walking out and only assumed that your constituents know where you stand.

Yes, Mr. Holcomb, we know where you stand on abortion. We know that we can never count on you to take a stand when there is a back door handy or a fence to straddle.

Marvin Langrell

Pine Bluff