Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

In the yesteryear’s column there have been a couple of 1913 articles about the “fun” at the skating rink.

Wouldn’t it have looked like a picture post card? Ladies in their long dresses, hair fixed and graceful actions, gentlemen in shirts, pants, ties and maybe jackets and lovely music.

Do the city fathers think Pine Bluff could do a skating rink again? We had them come to town for short periods 50 years ago and they were always full.

Way back then Pine Bluff was not listed as second in the nation for crime, so maybe our younger generation (page of pictures in the paper every day) could not handle being civilized without a side “fun” of shooting, stabbing, rape or at least a disturbance.

With enough police protection could we at least try for a return to something all ages could enjoy — skating around a rink to the tune of “Sweet Rosie O’Grady,” “Missouri Waltz,” or “Beer Barrel Polka,” brand new songs for those under 25. Thanks for listening — maybe give it a try!

Helen Majewski

Pine Bluff