This correspondence is to Stu Soffer, Jody O’Mary and Wilma Reynolds. The Law of Truth and Consequences brings about Consequences. Love the Law of Truth! When former Chief John Howell was terminated by then-Mayor Carl A. Redus Jr., Deputy Chief Ricky Whitmore (black) was appointed the interim chief of the Pine Bluff Police Department, and Deputy Chief Ivan Whitfield (black) was over the police patrol. According to my information, the position of chief was offered to Whitmore by the former mayor on several occasions but Whitmore refused, saying he would be glad when the mayor hired a chief. There were no discriminatory practice by the former mayor.

Soffer, it sounds as if you may have a lack of intelligence, hallucination episodes, dementia, paranoid schizophrenia or maybe are bi-polar; your facts are just plain wrong! Ask Howell why was he fired. Soffer, what inspires me to write is Almighty God and truth.

Brenda Davis Jones had no reason to be fired by our current mayor; it was an ordeal of pure racism on Debe Hollingsworth’s part.

Lloyd Holcomb Jr., First Ward alderman, and Steven Mays, Fourth Ward alderman, both seem to just want to go along to get along, and the right thing to do is to go by the law concerning the interim chief as it was explained by the city attorney. Enough said. The amendment needs to say those that are employed in an emergency capacity need to live in the city!

Soffer, a nominee for racist of the year!

Barbara Blunt Muhammad

Pine Bluff