Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Itís becoming a social norm to commit murder. Men killing women, women killing women, women and men killing children, teens killing children, teens killing abults, bystanders getting killed; schools and churches arenít even safe. Take a deep breath. Whatís really going on here? What is life worth? Why use murder? Somebodyís daughter, brother, cousin, friend, mother or daddy.

I respect leadership in times of need and petty differences exhaust energy and hurt our community. We shouldít throw the baby out with the bath water. We should be very concerned about the casual acceptance of rude and threatening behavior. For some reason bullies get away with doing these things and it leads to violence. Bullies are cowards and they sometimes occupy positions of authority. Bullies should never be leaders.

Where is the love? What are we afraid of? If our brother or sister is in trouble so are we. What happened to teaching the high road? Who teaches that? Home, church, school or government. Nobodyís perfect. Why do they demonize each other? Where is Marshal Dillion? Quick, get on Facebook, heroes donít have to die in vain. If you are in a relationship or work with a violent person, where do you go?

Brainard Bivens

Pine Bluff