LITTLE ROCK ó Maybe I'm missing something, but aren't the human participants in the Bowl Championship Series obliged to do the right thing?

LITTLE ROCK ó Maybe Iím missing something, but arenít the human participants in the Bowl Championship Series obliged to do the right thing?

Once LSU disposed of Arkansas and Alabama did in Auburn in similarly impressive fashion, there was talk that voters might not want a rematch of the 9-6 game on Nov. 5 and cast their votes accordingly.

Being one of the 115 people selected to participate in the Harris Poll comes with a duty to begin the ballot with the best teams and work from there. If a voter can compare Oklahoma Stateís loss to an Iowa State team that is 3-5 in the Big 12 to Alabamaís overtime loss to unbeaten LSU and decipher the Cowboys to be better, more power to them. If they vote OSU over the Crimson Tide because they donít want an Alabama-LSU sequel, shame on them.

In the first place, great tackling and step-for-step coverage can be as exquisite as a tackle-breaking run or an over-the-shoulder catch. In the second place, pitting OSUís 50-point-per-game offense vs. LSUís defense does not come with guarantees. A year ago, the over-under on Auburn-Oregon was somewhere in the mid-70s and they totaled 41 points.

If 42-38 is the goal, watch the Big 12 or Conference USA.

Even if LSU loses to Georgia on Saturday, the Tigersí phenomenal body of work puts them in the BCS title game.

The fact that Alabama has a bye to the Jan. 9 contest in New Orleans is an anomaly. In effect, so does LSU. However, you can believe that the Crimson Tide players would love to be in Atlanta this week for the SEC title game. Athletes would much rather compete than sit.

It is interesting that the 59 coaches who vote in the USA Today poll think more of Stanford and Virginia Tech than they do of Oklahoma State. Unless the Cowboys pummel Oklahoma on Saturday or Virginia Tech loses to Clemson in the Atlantic Coast Conference game, it is doubtful the coaches would push them past both the Cardinal and the Hokies.

LSU is a double-digit favorite against Georgia, much like it was against Arkansas. However, the Bulldogs might have enough players on defense to stay in the game into the fourth quarter.

Folks at the Sugar Bowl will be rooting for Georgia.

If LSU wins, and anybody who watched the Tigers disregard Arkansasí 14-0 lead should know they will compete, the Jan. 3 game in New Orleans will not have an SEC representative ó a home team so to speak. No more than two teams from any conference may play in BCS games unless the two non-champions from a BCS conference finish one-two in the final BCS standings. In that case, league champion Georgia would play in the Sugar Bowl.

Despite being No. 8 in the BCS, Arkansas cannot qualify.

If 10-2 Michigan can move from No. 16 to inside the top 14, the Sugar Bowl could wind up with the Wolverines vs. unbeaten Houston. Michigan travels well and fans are excited about their first-year coach.

The Rose Bowl will have Oregon and the Wisconsin-Michigan State winner while the Fiesta gets the OU-Oklahoma State winner, probably against Stanford. The unattractive Orange Bowl has either Virginia Tech or Clemson vs. one of three teams from the Big East.

With that BCS lineup, simply fast forward to LSU-Alabama.


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