The Tri-State Senior Women's Four-Ball tournament came down to one of the last matches on Sunday.

The Tri-State Senior Women’s Four-Ball tournament came down to one of the last matches on Sunday.

On Saturday, Arkansas had a half-point lead over Mississippi in the match-play format. The format of the tournament changed to individual match play on Sunday.

Arkansas had a three-point lead over Mississippi, but the last three matches pitted Arkansas golfers against Mississippi ones.

The next two cards that came in favored Mississippi, but Pat Elliott gave the state a home-course victory with a 2-up win over Mississippi’s Charlene Hughes.

Arkansas won the two-day event with 11.5 points. Mississippi followed with 9.5 points and Louisiana was last with six points.

This is the first year Elliott golfed in the event, and she did not know her match was the deciding factor until she turned her scorecard in.

“They didn’t tell me that, thank goodness,” she said.

Elliott was tied with Hughes going into the second-to-last hole, which was hole No. 8 at Harbor Oaks Golf Course, and she parred it to go one-up.

Not only did Elliott hold on to the lead, but she extended it with a win on the final hole. Even if Elliott would have lost the last hole, she still would have earned a half-point, which would have been enough for Arkansas to win.

Elliott admitted to being nervous on the last hole.

“I had jello knees,” she said. “All the girls came out and it was very nerve-wracking.”

As a whole on Sunday, Arkansas won seven of its 12 matches and one match was tied. It is the second time Arkansas has won the event, which is in its third year. Arkansas was victorious in the first year and Mississippi was the defending champion.

This was the first year the event was held in Arkansas.

“Everyone does a great job here at Harbor Oaks and we had a lot of fun out here,” Elliott said.