This year's Founders Day theme was "A great place to call home."

This year’s Founders Day theme was “A great place to call home.”

And the sentiment behind it is evident in the continued growth and enthusiasm throughout the city last weekend.

White Hall Mayor Noel Foster is truly a leader that loves his home and he talks with pride about all of the city’s projects and improvements that have been in the works as well as the people and resources already available to residents.

White Hall can now boast having two fire stations to serve the area. Fire Station #2 is 95 percent complete with the cost of its construction coming from existing revenues. Foster said that most of the work was contracted by the city and subcontractors were used only when necessary. This helped cut back on construction cost tremendously.

“We have built, in my opinion, a very nice fire station,” said Foster.

The new station can hold at least two fire trucks, possibly three, and it has a training room and offices. Areas in southern White Hall will be reached more quickly by trucks from this station and the fire chief’s office will be located there.

Other improvements to City Park have occurred. The annex building, known as the Scout Hut, has been completely remodeled.

“The inside of it is as nice now as city hall,” Foster said.

Along with this upgrade, the park also received a fresh coat of paint on the pavilions and the foundation of the amphitheatre was reinforced.

The city’s history will soon be on display at a new museum being built on the site of the old museum. Demolition of the Carter House occurred during the summer to help make way for a more up to date and accessible facility.

Foster said, “We want to preserve the history of the city.”

Another big project in the works for White Hall is the community center and aquatics park. Ground work has been underway for several weeks now as the area is being prepared for construction. The city hopes to have the water park ready for visitors next summer to help patrons beat the heat.

New city projects are not the only evidence of town pride. Commercial growth in White Hall has been very large this year. Several new business have popped up throughout the town including the Smart Motors, Tractor Supply, and Fairfield Credit Union just to name a few.

All of this commercial growth benefits the city in many ways, including helping build revenue. This revenue in turn helps the city provide services to its residents. Foster said, “I think you should use your revenues to provide good services.”

With all of the improvements to the city being a big draw for those seeking a place to call home; they are just a small part of what makes White Hall special. According to Foster, “People live here for two reasons, public safety and good schools. With the city working together and being committed to those two things, it makes this a very unique place to live.”

Foster said that White Hall has a very progressive city council that is always working for a common goal for the city as a whole. Not only are the aldermen a large part of the functioning of the city but the city employees help make the gears turn smoothly.

“I think that our employees here are second to none. We could not accomplish all of this without the employees and volunteers,” said Foster.

Volunteerism plays a big role in the city and the number of volunteers is another sign of town pride. There are those that volunteer for the fire department and police department and others that help the community out in various ways.

First Baptist Church runs the local food pantry that helps provide food to families in need year round.

“I would like to see the city and the people who live here do more for our food pantry. It is a jewel for our community,” Foster said. Food can be donated at city hall or the church at anytime.

Not only does White Hall work to help its citizens it also helps our four legged friends by managing a dog kennel. Strays are often found in the city and taken to the pound. There they are cared for and they wait for adoption. Some of the animals take part in the Paws in Prison program to help prepare them for a good home. Those interested in adopting a new pet or donating to the cause can contact city hall for more information.

If you ever have any doubt as to the pride that is found in White Hall, the upcoming Founders Day Parade and festivities in the park will help the doubt disappear. Foster talked about growing up in White Hall and watching the parade for years.

“I remember as a kid, you looked forward to Founders Day almost as much as you looked forward to Santa Claus,” Foster said with a smile.

As an adult, Foster still enjoys Founders Day and the parade. “I get to ride in the parade and see everyone I know. It’s neat to see how everyone has their spot to watch the parade from and they usually go to that same spot every year. Afterwards at the park, it’s always fun. There is great entertainment.”

With the month long Founders Day celebration over, the community has shown that White Hall is truly “A great place to live.”