WHITE HALL — Most college recruits have one major decision to make — where to go to school.

WHITE HALL — Most college recruits have one major decision to make — where to go to school.

A few rare athletes encounter another decision — what sport to play.

White Hall senior Daniel Sprinkle is one of those extremely gifted athletes, and he announced his decision to play baseball for Auburn on Tuesday night.

The standout football and baseball player said he made the decision to continue his work as a right-handed pitcher a few months ago.

"At kind of the beginning of football season, I wasn’t getting as much interest (from schools) for football," Sprinkle said. "That’s when my focus kind of shifted towards baseball. … I felt that was the right route for me."

The next stop on that route is scheduled to be with the Tigers in the Southeastern Conference.

"My oldest brother and my mom went with me to the first (football) game of the year against Arkansas for my official visit," Sprinkle said. "My brother really liked it, and my mom did, too. It was good to see a smile on her face."

Sprinkle, who turned 18 earlier this month, said he enjoyed the recruiting process, ending up with two football offers and 13 baseball offers, but admitted it’s a relief to be done.

"It does take the pressure off," he said. "I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. … Everybody’s experience is different. If I had the chance to go through it again, I would do it all the same way. If I was going to give someone advice about the process, I would just tell them to enjoy it."

Whit Hall baseball coach Skip Carr, who also is an assistant football coach, said he believes the process was easier for Sprinkle because of his personality.

"I coach him every day in football and you wouldn’t know anybody is recruiting him," Carr said. "Only way I know is if I ask him. …

"I know he’s excited. But with his personality, he’s not really going to show it. I know it’s going to be a relief for him to put it all behind him and just focus on football and then baseball."

Come May, Sprinkle will be hoping he has a chance to help the White Hall baseball team earn its third 5A state championship in four years. Earlier this year, he threw a complete game as the Bulldogs beat Pulaski Academy for the title.

In June, Sprinkle might be presented with another decision to make. The MLB First-Year Player Draft starts June 8, and it’s possible he will be drafted. Sprinkle will then be forced to decide between Auburn and a professional contract.

"I’m not really thinking too much about it, but I’ve had some conversations about it," he said. "As far as what it would take to make me consider signing or not? God will give me an answer for it.

"But right now I’m just focusing on finishing out football and winning another ring. Then we’ll see what path is before me."